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Column Loudspeakers

Column Loudspeakers

Delivering extraordinary sound with surprisingly high power, AUDAC's column loudspeakers are the elegant result of research in the field of phased array acoustics. Ideal for a wide variety of applications in difficult acoustic environments such as churches, auditoria, presentation, and meeting rooms where audibility and intelligibility of music and speech have high importance.

Products in Column Loudspeakers


Design column speaker 6 x 2"


Design column speaker 12 x 2"


Outdoor design column speaker 12 X 2"


Design column speaker 24 x 2"


Column speaker 4 x 2"


Column speaker 10 x 2"

News on Column Loudspeakers

Luminex introduces five new versions to the GigaCore pro AV range of switches

Luminex introduces five new versions to the GigaCore pro AV range of switches

Luminex will also be presenting and demonstrating three new touring-grade professional AV switches joining its range of easy-to-operate ethernet switches, namely the GigaCore 20t and GigaCore 18t – both 10 Gb switches – and a 1 Gb version as well – the GigaCore 16t – in booth #5473.

ATEOM series design loudspeakers

ATEOM series design loudspeakers

Bright sound, effortless installation

Impressive sound, impeccable design, and superior installers' convenience are just a few reasons WHY you chose AUDAC's ATEO loudspeaker series over the past ten years. With the latest product update, you can add weatherproof for outdoor use to that list!

Introducing the Atellio Family

Introducing the Atellio Family

Networked Sound, Easy

Imagine a flexible and scalable sound system. What if you could set up such a solution and control it with your custom dashboard in just a few minutes? It is time for an innovative approach and to make configurations simpler by designing them smarter so you can do more with fewer products and in less time.

What is CASY and how does it work?

What is CASY and how does it work?

Learn more about Caymon's wide range of CASY solutions.

The CASY assortment is very comprehensive, ranging from CASY solutions that can be mounted in a 19” rack, table chassis, under table chassis, on-wall chassis to the in-wall solutions. All of these solutions are developed to be solderless and modular, ensuring that even after installation, the rack still retains its aesthetic look, and the cabling is easily transferable.

Learn More: https://acpromedia.com/products/casy-modular-solutions/

VIRO5 series – Compact performance loudspeakers – Did you know?

VIRO5 series – Compact performance loudspeakers – Did you know?

Why choose the VIRO5 series as your next compact performance loudspeaker?

AUDAC outlines 12 reasons...

  1. A sound the lasts
  2. Impressive coverage pattern
  3. Weather-resistant-IP55 rating
  4. Salt spray test
  5. Always the right connection
  6. Remarkable build quality
  7. Optional 70V/100V transformer
  8. Clever mounting options
  9. CAD Files
  10. Acoustical Data
  11. Wide rang of applications
  12. Guaranteeing optimum safety
VIRO5 2-way coaxial loudspeaker

VIRO5 2-way coaxial loudspeaker

Elegance with a Punch

Introducing AUDAC's VIRO5 series 2-way coaxial loudspeaker with 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm variants and optional toroidal transformer modules. Available in black & white, this loudspeaker will blow you away with its powerful punch delivered in a compact package.

Anthony Stofflet Named Brand Manager - Luminex

Anthony Stofflet Named Brand Manager - Luminex

A.C. Lighting Inc. is pleased to announce Anthony Stofflet has joined the team as Brand Manager for the Luminex product line.

"Anthony has a unique ability to educate others on technical brands so that they learn to use the product effectively,” explains Mikeska. “Working with Luminex products, while integrating PROLIGHTS and Chroma-Q lighting products, has provided Anthony with hands-on experience in network design, which will be integral in his new role as Brand Manager.”

A.C. ProMedia Promotes Shane Shah to Brand Manager

A.C. ProMedia Promotes Shane Shah to Brand Manager

Managing Exclusive Brands AUDAC and CAYMON

“Shane always impresses me with his level of customer service, a deep connection to our product lines and the industry,” explains Franck Fabry. “Shane has 20 years of AVL industry-related experience, which will be instrumental in his success and development of the brand for the company.“

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