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ALI Audio line isolator


The ALI20/25 are audio line isolators designed to isolate audio devices from each other. In most cases, they are used to avoid hum caused by ground loops in audio systems. They offer a completely passive solution for the isolation of a stereo balanced audio signal. It features dual XLR in- and output connectors and a ground lift switch. The in- and output phases are matching. The ALI20/25 are both built with an audio transformer that has a turns ratio of 1:1 and an impedance of 600 Ohm. The difference is the shielding of the transformer. The ALI20 contains a shielded transformer that complies with the requirements of most standard applications, while the ALI25 contains an MU-metal shielded transformer which can be used when regular shielding becomes inadequate. This ensures the best results in even the highest EMI polluted environments.

Variant MSRP
Shielded AUALI20MK2 POA
Super shielded AUALI25 POA
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  • S-box™ modular multifunctional enclosure
Inputs Impedance : 600 Ω
Inputs Connector : 2 x XLR female
Outputs Impedance : 600 Ω
Outputs Connector : 2 x XLR male
Turn ratio : 1 : 1
Bandwidth : 0.8 Hz - 100 kHz
Typical distortion (@ 1 kHz) : 0.001%
Frequency High : -3 dB Cutoff 105 kHz
Frequency Low : -3 dB Cutoff 0.8 Hz
Response 20 Hz : -0.09 dB (reference 1 kHz)
Response 20 kHz : -0.10 dB (reference 1 kHz)
Max. Inputs Level (@ 1% THD+N) 20 Hz : +2 dBu (0.975V)
Max. Inputs Level (@ 1% THD+N) 50 Hz : +10 dBu (2.449V)
THD+N (@ 1 kHz) : < 0.001% (@ 1 kHz and -20dBu (typical))
THD+N (@ 1 kHz) : 0.035% (@ 20 Hz and -20dBu (typical))
Colours : Black
Dimensions : 96 x 43 x 108 mm (W x H x D) (ALI25)
Dimensions : 108 x 44 x 165 mm (W x H x D) (ALI20MK2)
Weight : 0.270 kg (ALI25)

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