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LINO10 Column speaker 10 x 2"

MSRP: $256.00 USD

The LINO series are column speaker series designed for a wide variation of general purpose applications in acoustic difficult environments, ranging from speech and announcement applications to background music systems. Typical applications are houses of worship, auditoria, presentation rooms, public transportation hubs, … and many more. They are solid constructed using solid aluminum materials and finished through a rigid finely perforated front grill. Mounting is done through an L-shaped bracket on top and bottom, offering optimal flexibility for fixation and directional placement. Connections are made through terminal block connections.

The LINO10 column speaker consists of 10 x 2” low/mid frequency drives with an 1” central positioned tweeter for the high frequencies. It reaches a power handling of 40 Watt, while a multi-tapping line transformer allows it to be connected in 70V/100V public address systems with power taps for 40W, 20W and 10W

Variant MSRP
Black version AULINO10/B $256.00 USD
White version AULINO10/W $256.00 USD
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10 x 2" high-quality broadband speakers

Drivers : 10 x 2”
Connectors : 5-pin Euro Terminal Block
Speaker type : Column speaker
Max. Power : 80 W
RMS Power : 40 W
Frequency Response (± 3 dB) : 170 Hz - 15 kHz
Sound Pressure (Max. W/1m) : 92 dB
Colours : Black & White
Construction : Aluminum
Front finish : Aluminium grill


The L-shaped mounting brackets on the top and bottom of the LINO series ensure optimal flexibility for fixation and directional placement. The loudspeaker can be tilted in a vertical direction and rotated in a horizontal direction, creating an optimal sound dispersion.


The acoustical composition of the LINO series is developed to reproduce an extremely detailed sound. Due to its two-way design, which consists of 4 or 10 x 2" low/mid-frequency drivers and a 1" central positioned tweeter for high frequencies, the loudspeaker will leave its listeners stunning within his range.


With the use of solid aluminum materials and a rigid and finely perforated front grill combined with a width of just 72mm, this column speaker proves to be an elegant solution in acoustic difficult environments.



EASE Focus 3 is an acoustic simulation program for 3D modeling of line arrays, sub arrays, columns, and conventional loudspeakers.

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