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HARVEY Remote Control RC4


HARVEY RC4 is a programmable, Ethernet-based wall-mount remote control.

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HARVEY RC4 is a programmable, Ethernet-based wall-mount remote control. RC4 is capable to control presets, audio levels or DMX-lamps. All RC4 LEDs and buttons can be individually customized in their color and brightness.

HARVEY RC4 is a freely programmable, IP-based remote control compatible to all members of the HARVEY family. RC4 has one rotary encoder and four buttons, which are freely assignable to control audio levels, DMX commands or preset calls. All LEDs are RGB type and can be programmed with an individual color scheme. HARVEY RC4 is completely supported by HARVEY Composer allowing the control of complex scenarios easily like the use of several remotes in parallel for a single project.

Network:  Data Link 10/100 Mbps Ethernet/IP RJ45 connector for CAT5 and 4-pole terminal 
block with compression contacts for heavy CAT7 S/FTP cable.
External cable clamp for shield and strain relief.
Power Supply:  PoE IEEE802.3af Class 3 (12.95 W)

Mountable into one-gang EU junction box (60 mm diameter)

Quick two step mounting:
1) Attach cable from wall and mount wall panel with 2 screws
2) Snap and mount front part to wall panel with 1 screw

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