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DMP42 SourceCon™ DAB/DAB+ & FM tuner module


SourceCon™ DAB/DAB+ & FM tuner module

The DMP42 is a professional DAB/DAB+ & FM tuner featuring SourceCon™ modular technology. This unique technology guarantees true plug & play implementation to any compatible device. When inserted into a supporting slot, the module is instantly installed, discovered, and ready for operation without requiring any additional internal wiring or complex configuration. 

The DMP42 provides access to a wide variety of radio stations while guaranteeing a high-quality audio reproduction. Station selection can be done manually or automatically, and up to 10 channels can be internally stored and recalled. Radio station information carried by RDS / Radiotext can be retrieved, while other functions such as mono/stereo switching (FM) always guarantee the best possible audio clarity.

The signal output level is user-configurable, while dynamic range compression (DRC) is supported, improving the intelligibility for low volumes in applications with high levels of background noise. Signal reception strength can be retrieved from the module and indicated on the graphical interface of the controlling device. The antenna input is implemented by an F-type connector on its panel, allowing connection of the included antenna cable or any other external antenna using 75 Ohm coaxial cabling. The balanced stereo line output is connected through two 3-pin terminal block connections.

Please note: An outdoor antenna is necessary for DAB/DAB+ reception. For DAB/DAB+ reception we suggest the RGA12 outdoor DAB/DAB+ antenna.

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  • Balanced stereo line output
  • True plug & play solution
  • Works with any SourceCon™ enabled device
  • DAB/DAB+/FM support
  • RDS / radiotext station information
  • Manual & auto-tuning
  • F-type antenna connection
  • Preferential station storage
  • Signal strength indication


  • Retail
  • Public facilities
  • Corporate spaces
  • Houses of worship
  • Clubs, bars, restaurants

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Connection : SourceCon™ interface card slot
DAB Crosstalk (@ 1 kHz) 53 dB
DAB Sensitivity (1W/1m) -99 dBm
DAB Signal / Noise 81 dB
DAB THD+N (@ 1 kHz) 0.026%
DAB Tuning Range (-10 dB) Band-3: 171 ~ 240 MHz
L-Band: 1452 ~ 1492 MHz
FM Crosstalk (@ 1 kHz) 26 dB
FM Frequency Response (± 3 dB) 30 Hz - 12.5 kHz
FM Sensitivity (1W/1m) -108 dBm
FM Signal / Noise 52 dB
FM THD+N (@ 1 kHz) 0.22%
FM Tuning Range (-10 dB) 87.5 ~ 108 MHz
Inputs F-type antenna connection (75 Ω)
Outputs Level: +8 dB ~ -32 dB
Type: Balanced stereo line outputs (3-pin Euro Terminal Block (Pitch - 3.81 mm))
Power Consumption 1.5 W
DAB Frequency Response (± 3 dB) 42 Hz - 20 kHz
Dimensions : 3.42" x 1.35" x 4.48" (87 x 34.5 x 114 mm) (W x H x D)
Weight : 0.16 lbs (0.074 kg)
Mounting : SourceCon™ interface card slot
Accessories Included : Antenna cable
Accessories Optional : RGA10 - Outdoor FM antenna
RGA12 - Outdoor DAB/DAB+ antenna
ASK40S 4-way antenna splitter kit

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SourceCon™ technology guarantees true plug & play implementation for any compatible device, allowing your media player to be tailored to fit any specific application. The wide variation of compatible modules and extensive configuration possibilities allows flexible combinations for any application.

Installation is done by sliding the modules into guide rails, while connections are made using boardedge connections. This allows simple and fast installation without requiring additional internal wiring or complex configuration. When inserted to a supporting slot, the module is instantly installed, discovered and ready for operation.

DMP42 Example Setup

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