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Warranty Statements

July 19, 2021 14:17

A.C.ProMedia has a detailed Terms & Conditions document you can review and follow. In addition to this document, you can find out more information about the Warranty Statements of the brands we carry below. 

Click here for A.C. ProMedia's Terms & Conditions

Warranty Quick Reference Chart for A.C. ProMedia Suppliers

Product Model or Series
Parts Warranty
Labor Warranty
Link to Warranty Statement
AUDAC Electronics 3 years   AUDAC Warranty Statement
Loudspeakers 5 years  
Luminex Network Intelligence
Luminex GigaCore, LumiNode, LumiSplit 2 years 2 years

Luminex Warranty Statement

A Note about Luminex's Warranty

Luminex understands that Warranty remains an important cost for all users even for the most reliable products. For this reason, the Luminex Management Team decided to offer a 3rd year of warranty to each end-user who registers their Luminex products through the Luminex website.  

All Luminex products are covered by a standard 2-year warranty. Based on the serial number and a copy of the invoice, end-users will be granted a 3rd year of warranty free of charge when they register their product online. This is valid for all Luminex products. 

Once the user has completed the registration process, an automated e-mail will be sent to them confirming their product has been approved and is now covered by an extra year of warranty.  

Registration Link: https://www.luminex.be/support-2/product-registration/