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In this support section, you will find product downloads such as product brochures, specification sheets, user manuals, quick start guides and images for our range of products.

If you experience difficulties with any products please contact your local dealer. If your local dealer is unable to help then please contact techsupport@acpromedia.com.

If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for on our website, then contact our marketing department by sending an email to marketing@acpromedia.com.

Please note product specifications and details are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the manufacturer's web page for the most up to date specifications and product details. www.chroma-q.com www.luminex.be www.dspecialists.com www.prolightsamerica.com www.lumenradio.com www.www.prolyte.com

Product Brochure Spec sheet Manual Quick Start Guide(s) Software Exploded diagram IES CAD Symbol Certificate Tech Bulletins Download All
Color Force II™
Color Force II 12™
Uploader II
Color Force II 48™
Color Force II 72™
Spigot Adaptor for Force 12
Color One 100X™
Color One 100X™
Uploader II
Space Force onebytwo™
Space Force onebytwo™
Uploader II
Lumen Radio Card
Manual Yoke
Space Force twobyfour™
Inspire Mini™ RGBW
Inspire™ RGBW
Inspire XT™
Inspire MD™
Inspire™ External Control Box UL924
Top Hat/Snoot for Inspire™
Inspire™ Blind Ceiling Mount Kit
Inspire™ Blind Sloped Ceiling Kit - 0 TO 15 Degree Angle
Inspire™ Blind Sloped Ceiling Kit - 20 TO 30 Degree Angle
Yoke Mount Kit for Inspire™
Color Span 2™
Color Span 2™
Color Span 2™ PSU
GigaCore Ethernet Switches
GigaCore 26i
GigaCore 16Xt
GigaCore 14R
GigaCore 12
GigaCore 10
LumiNode 1
LumiNode 2
LumiNode 4
LumiNode 12
Ethernet DMX Converters
Ethernet DMX4 with Truss and PoE
Ethernet DinMX4 MKII
LumiSplit DMX/RDM Splitters
LumiSplit 2.10
LumiSplit 1.6
Luminex Accessories
GigaCore RPSU 400
HARVEY Pro 19" DSP Controlled Audio Matrix with mixing, 1RU
HARVEY Remote Control RC4
HARVEY Composer
HARVEY Composer
LED Projectors
Battery LED Projectors
Indoor Wireless DMX
Outdoor Wireless DMX
CRMX Outdoor Flex
CRMX Outdoor RX
Prolyte Structures: Aluminium Truss Systems
Verto H30V Square Truss
Verto Box Corner 30V HD
Indoor LED-Wall Support: LSU
H30V Square Truss Length
X30V Square Truss Length
H40V Square Truss Length
Prolyte Structures: Accessories for Aluminium Truss Systems
Verto Half Coupler for Box Truss
Verto Half Coupler Box Truss Bolt
Verto Conical Coupler
Verto Safety Clip
Verto Baseplate Coupler
Offline Editor Software
+ Offline Editor
PROLIGHTS Accessories
+ PROLIGHTS ARENACOB's hanging bracket
+ PROLIGHTS Firmware Uploader Kit (UPBOX2)
+ ProLights Magnetic optic for ARENACOB
+ IR remote controller for DOTQ
+ PROLIGHTS Firmware Uploader Kit (UPBOX1)
Color Force II™
+ Color Force II 12™
+ Diffuser Box For Force 12
+ Uploader II
+ Color Force II 48™
+ Color Force II 72™
+ Border Lens-Color/Studio Force II-12
+ Border Lens-Color/Studio Force II-48
+ Border Lens-Color/Studio Force II-72
+ Cyc Lens-Color/Studio Force II-12™
+ Cyc Lens-Color/Studio Force II-48™
+ Cyc Lens-Color/Studio Force II-72™
+ Barn Door for Color/Studio Force II 12™
+ Egg Crate Louvre for Force II 12
+ Half Top Hat for Force II 12
+ Top Hat for Force II 12
+ Lightbank Adaptor (Speedring) for Force 12
+ Spigot Adaptor for Force 12
+ Lightbank Kit+ for Force 12 (consists of Lightbank Adaptor (Speedring) & Lightbank)
+ Zip Hood for Color/Studio Force II 12™
+ Inspire Mini™ RGBW
+ Inspire™ RGBW
+ Inspire XT™