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In this support section, you will find product downloads such as product brochures, specification sheets, user manuals, quick start guides and images for our range of products.

If you experience difficulties with any products please contact your local dealer. If your local dealer is unable to help then please contact techsupport@acpromedia.com.

If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for on our website, then contact our marketing department by sending an email to marketing@acpromedia.com.

Please note product specifications and details are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the manufacturer's web page for the most up to date specifications and product details. www.audac.eu www.luminex.be www.dspecialists.com www.chroma-q.com www.prolightsamerica.com www.lumenradio.com www.prolyte.com www.manfrotto.com

Product Brochure Spec sheet Manual Quick Start Guide(s) Software Exploded diagram IES CAD Symbol Certificate Tech Bulletins Download All
Manfrotto Clamps, Adapters & Accessories
035 Super Clamp without Stud, includes 035WDG Wedge
Photo variable Friction Arm
Aluminum Magic Arm w/ Bracket, Pivot Lock Control
Line Transformers
ALI Audio line isolator
Power Amplifiers
EPA104 Quad-channel Class-D amplifier 4 x 100W - crossover
EPA152 Dual-channel Class-D amplifier 2 x 150W
AMP523 Web-based mini stereo amplifier 2 x 15W
EPA252 Dual-channel Class-D amplifier 2 x 250W
COM104 Public Address Amplifier 40W 100V
COM108 Public Address Amplifier 80W 100V
AMP203 Web-based mini stereo amplifier
Matrix Systems
M2 Multimedia digital audio mixer
APM101 Digital paging microphone 1 zone
MTX48 4-zone audio matrix
APM104 Digital paging microphone 4 zones
MTX88 8-zone audio matrix
APM108 Digital paging microphone 8 zones
APC100 Universal configuration & control unit
APM116 Digital paging microphone 16 zones
MPX48 SurfaceTouch™ paging microphone 4 zones
MPX88 SurfaceTouch™ paging microphone 8 zones
ARJ03P Junction box
ARU204 Multi-channel digital relay unit - 4 relays
ARU208 Multi-channel digital relay unit - 8 relays
MWX45 MTX wall panel controller 45 x 45 mm
MWX65 All-in-one wall panel for MTX
DW3020 Wall panel controller 45 x 45 mm
DW5066 Digital all-in-one wall panel
ALTI4 2-way 4" pendant speaker
ALTI6 2-way 6" pendant speaker
ALTI4M 2-way 4" design wall sound projector
ATEO2 Compact wall speaker with CleverMount™ 2"
ATEO4 Wall speaker with CleverMount™ 4"
ATEO6 Wall speaker with CleverMount™ 6"
BASO10 Compact 10" bass reflex cabinet
BASO12 Compact 12" bass reflex cabinet
BASO15 Compact 15" bass reflex cabinet
BASO18 Compact 18" bass reflex cabinet
CALI424 Safelatch™ 2-way 4" ceiling speaker with Twist-Fix™ grill
CALI660 Safelatch™ 2-way 6.5" ceiling speaker with Twist-Fix™ grill
CELO2 High-end ceiling speaker 2"
CELO5 High-end 2-way 5" ceiling speaker
CELO6 High-end 2-way 6" ceiling speaker
CELO8 High-end 2-way 8" ceiling speaker
CELO8S High-end 8" ceiling subwoofer
CENA3 SpringFit™ 2,5" ceiling speaker
CENA5 SpringFit™ 5" ceiling speaker
CENA7 SpringFit™ 6.5" ceiling speaker
CENA8 SpringFit™ 8" ceiling speaker
CIRA5 QuickFit™ 2-way 5 1/4" ceiling speaker with TwistFix™ grill
CIRA7 QuickFit™ 2-way 6.5" ceiling speaker with TwistFix™ grill
CIRA8 QuickFit™ 2-way 8" ceiling speaker with TwistFix™ grill
NOBA8 Compact 8” bass cabinet
NOBA8A Compact 8” active bass cabinet
VEXO8 Compact high-power speaker 8"
MERO2 High-end in-wall speaker 2"
MERO5 High-end 2-way in-wall speaker 5"
MERO6 High-end 2-way in-wall speaker 6"
WX302 Universal wall speaker 3"
WX302_O Outdoor universal wall speaker 3"
WX502 Universal wall speaker 5 1/4"
WX502_O Outdoor universal wall speaker 5 1/4"
WX802 Universal wall speaker 8"
WX802_O Outdoor universal wall speaker 8"
AXIR Design Column Speaker 12 x 2"
KYDO Design Column Speaker 6 X 2"
CHA530 2-Way horn loudspeaker 5"
CHA660 2-Way horn loudspeaker 6.5"
Other AUDAC Products
GLI05 Front grill for CIRA5 and CALI4 series speakers with cloth & outdoor treatment
GLI06 Front grill for CALI6 series speakers with cloth & outdoor treatment
GLI07 Front grill for CIRA7 series speakers with cloth & outdoor treatment
GLI08 Front grill for CIRA8 series speakers with cloth & outdoor treatment
MBK410C Ceiling mounting bracket for NOBA8(A)
MBS310 Rack mounting set for half rackspace 1u enclosures
WMA20 Extension mount with 30° incline angle for ATEO2
WMA40 Extension mount with 30° incline angle for ATEO4
WMA60 Extension mount with 30° incline angle for ATEO6
FBS125 Fiber optic cable - st/pc - st/pc - LSHF
FBS125_C Fiber optic coupler - st/pc - st/pc
OPT2 Optical fiber kit
CLA530 Loudspeaker cable - terminal block - terminal block (2p - 5.08mm)
CLA830 2 x terminal block - 2 x terminal block (3p - 3.81mm)
CLA832 2 x RCA/Cinch - 2 x terminal block (3p - 3.81mm)
CLA834 2 x XLR male - 2 x terminal block (3p - 3.81mm)
CLA835 2 x XLR female - 2 x terminal block (3p - 3.81mm)
CMX230 Shotgun microphone
CMX726 Headset condenser omni-directional microphone
CMX826 Headset condenser cardioid microphone
Wall Controllers
VC3062 100V volume controller 60W 80 x 80 mm
VC3102 100V volume controller 100W 80 x 80 mm
Modular Audio Systems
XMP44 SourceCon™ professional modular audio system
MFA208 Multi-functional SourceCon™ Amplifier 2 x 40W 70/100V
MFA216 Multi-functional SourceCon™ Amplifier 2 x 80W 70/100V
DMP40 SourceCon™ DAB/DAB+ & FM tuner module
FMP40 SourceCon™ voice file media player module
IMP40 SourceCon™ internet audio player module
MMP40 SourceCon™ media player & recorder module
NMP40 Audio Streaming Sourcecon™ Module
TMP40 SourceCon™ FM tuner module
ANX44 Dante audio network interface 4 in / 4 out
PRE116 6 Channel stereo preamplifier
PRE126 Two zone - 6 Channel stereo preamplifier