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DW3020 Wall panel controller 45 x 45 mm


Wall panel controller 45 x 45 mm

The DW3020 is a flush mount wall panel controller designed to work in combination with the R2 or M2 amplifier. It can be installed in a separate zone and gives the possibility to select the desired audio source and adjust the volume for the zone that it’s applied to. The connection between the amplifier and the controller is made by using a standard 4-pin terminal block connector. The 45 x 45 mm size is compatible with AUDAC, Niko, Legrand, and other standard 45 x 45 mm Mounting frames and cover plates.

Variant MSRP
Black version AUDW3020/B POA
White version AUDW3020/W POA
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Control : RS-485
Connectors : 4-pin Euro Terminal Block
Dimensions : 45 x 45 x 33 mm (W x H x D)
Weight : 0.028 kg
Construction : ABS
Mounting : 45 x 45 mm (Audac / Niko / Legrand)
Colours : Black (RAL9005) (DW3020/B)
Colours : White (RAL9010) (DW3020/W)
Accessories Optional : CP45CF1 Cover frame
Accessories Optional : CP45CF2 Cover frame

What is the maximum cable length when connecting to the M2 or R2?

The maximum cable length depends on the number of connected wall panels. When only one wall panel is connected, a maximum cable length of 600 meters can be reached. The table below gives an overview of the maximum cable length, depending on the amount of connected wall panels.

No. of DW3020/4020 Wall panels         Maximum cable length
1 600 meter
2 600 meter
3 400 meter
4 300 meter
5 200 meter
6 150 meter
7 120 meter
8 100 meter


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