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CASY 3 space double 45x45 mm module plate

The CASY303 covers three module spaces in a CASY chassis and is a universal base for two 45 x 45 mm standard-sized products such as matrix control panels, volume controllers, and connection plates, .... The cover frame includes four security tabs that can slide into the top and bottom of the frame. These tabs will ensure a firm fixation of the installed connection plate while plugging and unplugging connectors.  The module plate will ensure a flush mount installation into any CASY configuration.

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  • Assembly screws included
  • Compatible with any CASY chassis
  • Flexible system for system integration & connectivity

CASY Series

Product Features
Dimensions 4.23" x 3.23" (107.5 x 82.1 mm) (W x H)
Module Space 2

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